Our 3rd Pampers Rewards: Potty Training Chart

If you're not familiar with Pampers Rewards, you can check my previous post here for all the details - but essentially it's a program to earn free gifts for buying Pampers diapers!  I usually try to save up our points for something big, but this time I decided to get the Potty Training Chart for our daughter which is one of their smaller rewards.  | This post contains affiliate links |

FREE Potty Training Chart from Pampers Rewards!

Our little one is currently potty training and it's been slow going.  She totally understands the concept and can be successful when she wants to, but usually chooses not to tell anyone that she needs to go and/or completely refuses to use the potty at all.  We're hoping that a reward chart will help motivate her to see her progress and get rewarded with a special prize at the end.  

Great potty training setup:  potty, books, rewards chart.

We decided to hang the chart next to her little potty so she can watch her progress and see how close she is to earning that special prize.  Some good reading material is important too, to help her want to stay on the potty long enough to finish her business (books pictured are:  Potty Time with Elmo, Potty, and Counting 123).  

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Please note items available from Pampers Rewards are subject to change.  

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