Our First Pampers Rewards - Free Gifts for Buying Diapers!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was way behind when I signed up for Pampers Rewards.. I think our little one was 10 months old when we started (oh all those months of diaper codes I could have used!). Since then I've been entering codes every time I can and saving them up. 

Pampers Rewards free gift - Step 2 Little Bakers Cupcake Set

Initially I was going to wait and get one of the big items for Miss M, but the other week I decided to trade some points in and get something small for her.  I saw this Little Bakers Cupcake set from Step 2 and thought it would be great for her to play with when she's using the kitchen helper I was making her.  Redeeming the points was very easy - just log in, choose your reward, check out, and confirm your mailing address.  Done!  

The cupcake set wasn't as rugged as I was hoping for considering it's from Step 2, but it is very, very cute.  The set comes with a tray, six cupcakes, and six interchangeable frosting tops.  Our little one can't quite get them on and off herself yet but she is really enjoying them still. 

And, of course the best part about it was they were free!  I didn't even have to pay shipping, which was amazing (note: some items you do have to pay shipping for).  I'm looking forward to ordering more free gifts.. just have to remember to keep entering my codes!


PS - I just stumbled across an account on Instagram that shares some of the free codes Pampers releases for promotions.  Follow @free_pampers_codes to help boost your point total!  

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Please note items available from Pampers Rewards are subject to change.  

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