Pampers Rewards

File this one under "things I wish I started sooner..."

Pampers Rewards - get free rewards for the diapers you buy

So our little one is almost 11 months old, and though I'd seen the Pampers Rewards numbers on her packages of diapers and wipes I never bothered to look into it ("Ain't nobody got time for that!").  

But the other week my sister-in-law was saying how she's been doing Pampers Rewards for awhile now and has been getting rewarded with photobooks and toys for free... that got my attention.  So I checked it out and signed up, it's pretty straightforward - make an account and enter the codes printed on packages of diapers and wipes.  Once you have some points you can redeem them for all sorts of things - everything from contributions to charity, to free credits at Shutterfly, to free toys.  And to make it easier there's even an app where you can enter codes on the fly from your phone (though I wish you could just scan the code instead of entering it.. now that would be easy!).  Consistency pays off too - if you enter codes every month without skipping a beat you get rewarded every three months with little gifts.  

Now if only I had started this when she was first born, then I'd be able to order all our Christmas cards for free!  

Tip:  Make sure to like Pampers on Facebook too - they periodically post free codes to help you boost your points!  

UPDATE (May, 2015):  Pampers updated their app so now you can scan codes with the camera on your phone rather than typing them in (hooray!).  As of right now this feature is a little glitchy, but hopefully they'll work out these bugs soon.  

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Please note items available from Pampers Rewards are subject to change.  

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