A Family Outing with L.L. Bean

Whew, this post was a long time coming!  The end of our pregnancy really knocked me for a loop as did the reality check of having a newborn again (how you forget these things!).  So the past couple of weeks really has been a whirlwind.  Thankfully L.L. Bean had been kind enough to send me their new diaper tote insert to try along with their large boat tote bag and it's been so helpful to carry around our gear as a new family of four.  
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A Family Outing with L.L. Bean - L.L. Bean Diaper Tote Insert and Boat Tote Bag

Since we got home from the hospital after the birth of our little one, we've kept our outings pretty minimal - grocery store, doctor appointments, school, that sort of thing.  But now that momma is feeling better and baby has been doing well it's high time we get back outside and enjoy this beautiful weather before the snow flies.  

So much room and so easily organized!

So much room and so easily organized!

L.L. Bean Diaper Tote Insert

Packing a diaper bag is always a little tricky - and even more-so when you have both a newborn and a toddler! After all, you don't want to be caught without a necessity, but you don't want to overpack either. Thankfully using the Diaper Tote Insert has made packing so much easier. In the insert I am able to pack all the necessities like a changing mat (which is included!), diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for the newborn, small first aid kit, nursing cover, bottles, etc - all in handy pockets and zippered compartments.

L.L. Bean Diaper Insert and Boat Tote Bags

After the Insert is packed it's easily interchangeable between a Medium or Large Boat Tote Bag, depending on what fits your needs best. We've found that putting the insert in the Medium Tote works perfectly for grocery trips, school drop-offs, errands etc. The insert fits snuggly inside with all your necessities.

For longer outings we've really loved putting the insert in the Large Tote (with long handles), which allows for extra room along each side of the insert as well as at the bottom of the bag.  This additional room gives plenty of space for extra changes of clothes, blankets, toys, etc and the long handles make it a breeze to carry, even if you're juggling two kids.  

Getting ready to use our L.L. Bean Boat Tote and Diaper Insert

By using the Boat Tote Bags as diaper bags, they really pull double duty!  Their classic looks never go out of style and by going with a simple last initial monogram for the large bag, it becomes something that will grow with us and can be repurposed by anyone in our family.  By picking something classic like this you won't be stuck with a diaper-specific bag that you'll never use again, and that's so important.  

L.L. Bean Boat Tote and Diaper Organizer

This past weekend we finally got out of the house as a family of four and headed to do something fun - and what better way to take advantage of this beautiful day than spending time down by the lake and hitting up the playground before visiting family.  

Since we were going to be out for the full day, I made sure to pack the insert in the Large Boat Tote so I could pack extra supplies for everyone - and it's a good thing I did!  Right before we left our toddler got her pants all dirty playing in the wet sand at the edge of the water so it was great to have clean clothes packed for her for the rest of the day.  

We had a lot of fun exploring around this brick boathouse from the 1900's!

We had a lot of fun exploring around this brick boathouse from the 1900's!

A family outing with L.L. Bean

Diaper Bag Must-Haves

Wearing baby makes it easier when you're out and about!
  • changing pad

  • diapers

  • wipes

  • baggies for dirty diapers and soiled clothes

  • nursing cover

  • change of clothes for baby

  • small first aid kit

  • hand sanitizer

  • wrap carrier

  • pacifier (and a backup one!)

  • snacks and water for mom and older siblings

  • bottles

  • formula

  • a small receiving blanket or swaddle blanket

  • small toy or book

Overall, having the versatility of this diaper tote organizer has been so helpful!  And I especially love that I can easily switch it between bags on the way out the door to best fit our needs for the day.  

L.L. Bean Style

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- I received the Large Boat Tote and Diaper Tote Insert from L.L. Bean but all opinions expressed are my own.  Please see our full Disclosure Policy for more information.  Thank you to L.L. Bean for providing these items to me for review. -   

All outdoor photos by Adrian Pelletier Photography.  

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