My 9 Favorite Money Saving Apps

We always try to spend consciously, but this year I really stepped up my couponing game as well as finding discounts for the shopping that we do.  In doing so I've narrowed it down to my 9 favorite money-saving apps that I use most often - and in just the last few months I've already saved a couple hundred dollars!  | This post contains my experience with these apps as well as some referral links |  

Our 9 Favorite Money Saving Apps


Oh Amazon... we buy everything from gifts to groceries on here. But what I really love most is using Amazon on the fly and checking prices in-store before deciding where to purchase. If I'm in a big box store and thinking about buying a book, new sneakers, etc, I always use the Amazon app to scan the barcode of the item (so handy!) and see what the price difference is - and spoiler, it's often slightly cheaper (sometimes a lot cheaper) on Amazon. And since we have AmazonPrime, shipping is typically free!


Walmart also has a super-handy barcode scan feature so you can check prices while you're out shopping, but it's Savings Catcher feature is probably the most handy. With Savings Catcher (a feature within the Walmart app), you simply scan in the barcode on your receipt and Walmart checks your items against advertised sales of other chains in the surrounding area. If an item is found to be cheaper at a surrounding store, Walmart credits you the difference on an eGift card which can be used towards future purchases. Savings Catcher helps make sure you're always getting the best deal.


Cartwheel is Target's "coupon" app - every week there are new offers for you to unlock and claim when you checkout in store (just scan the barcode generated on the screen of your smartphone). The savings are typically small but really add up over time, especially if you do a lot of grocery and clothing shopping there.

EatRight (or whatever particular incentive your health plan may have)

With EatRight Rewards, you unlock weekly offers and discounts for healthy foods and the amount you save gets credited to your account. Once you accumulate a minimum of $10 you can cash it out. I particularly love that this app only gives discounts on fresh fruits, veggies, and healthier foods. (*EatRight Rewards by Nutrisavings is the particular app that is specifically contracted with my health insurance plan, which is why I use it. Check with your particular health plan to see if they have any healthy-eating incentives available for members!)


With Ibotta you unlock offers and earn rebates for items you purchase in exchange for some basic market research (typically viewing an advertisement or answering a multiple-choice question). Once you earn a minimum of $20 back you can cash it out to your PayPal account or redeem it as a gift card. I've written a more indepth post on Ibotta here , if you're interested.


Checkout51 has offers for rebates back on grocery items - simply scan your receipt and select which rebates you qualify for to earn money back, with no market research questions to answer. Once you earn a minimum of $20 you can cash it out. - And both Ibotta and Checkout 51 can be used in conjunction with each other to really stack those savings.



Ebates is great if you do any kind of online shopping - think Amazon, photo sites, clothing stores, etc. Simply log into your Ebates account (Chrome has a handy extension you can download too) and launch the retailer's website from there. Ebates will suggest discounts and coupon codes at checkout and often will allow you to earn back a percentage (usually very small but it adds up) of your purchase as a rebate. Every quarter you can cash out if your balance is $5 or more. I can see Ebates coming in very hand this Christmas season while ordering Christmas cards and buying gifts!

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is a great app for quickly finding in-store coupons and discounts while you're out shopping, as well as coupon codes for online purchases. Simply open the app and look up the store you're in - Coupon Sherpa will list all the current coupons available so you can choose which one works best for you. Simply bring up the coupon on your phone and have the cashier scan it when you check out.


The Kohl's app allows you to save coupons, and keeps track of rewards points and Kohl's cash. I don't know how many times I've had an awesome coupon for Kohl's only to have forgotten it at home! Thankfully with the app you don't have to remember to bring these things, and it's easy to check current offers and rewards balances.

So those are my top money saving apps right now.  If you have any questions regarding them, please ask away - and if you have a great app that I haven't listed here, please let know!  

Favorite Money Saving Apps - Amazon, Savings Catcher, Cartwheel, EatRight, Ibotta Checkout 51, Ebates, Coupon Sherpa, Kohl's

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