Daylight Savings Time Miracle

You guys.  Our toddler stayed in her room until it was time to get up, despite the time change - something that hasn't happened in years.  It's a miracle!  
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A mom friend had recommended the Ready to Wake Clock to us when we moved our daughter to her big girl room and it's been amazing! She stays in her room now until it turns green in the morning and after "quiet rest time" (she's dropped nap, but still has a time in the afternoon to play quietly and look at books in her room).

And probably the biggest BONUS of all - we actually got to sleep in this morning and take advantage of the time change!  First time in like 3 years.  She just played quietly in her bed until the clock turned green and was none-the-wiser that she was there for an extra hour.  

Parenting win!  

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