Chicken-Themed Toddler Easter Basket

Last year we started keeping backyard chickens and they've become a really fun and important addition to our family.  We love the fresh eggs we get everyday and our toddler thinks the chickens are super fun.  Since she's become so fond of our six Rhode Island Red hens, I thought we'd make her Easter basket chicken-themed this year!  Now to just wait until Easter..  | This post contains affiliate links |

Chicken-Themed Toddler Easter Basket
Two of "the girls." 

Two of "the girls." 

We have six Rhode Island Red hens (two of them pictured here), so I tried to find chicken-related items that looked like our girls.  Most of the items I found can be purchased through Amazon, but you may also have luck finding similar things at your local store.  (Amazon also had other chicken breeds too in case you were looking to find something that looked more like ones you have at home.)  

I think creating an animal-themed Easter basket can be a really fun and engaging idea, and could easily be done to reflect whatever animal(s) you might have at home - dogs, cats, horses, fish, etc.  

Easter basket items for the young chicken lover!

Here are the items I chose for our Chicken-Themed Easter Basket:  

  • "Five Little Chicks" by Nancy Tafuri - A sweet book about five little hungry chicks looking for snacks before bedtime.  
  • Chicken Stuffed Animal - Our little one is going to LOVE this stuffed chicken!  It's about the same size and color as our Rhode Island Red hens.  Amazon also has stuffed animals of several other breeds of chickens as well.  
  • Easter Eggs filled with mini M&Ms - Plastic Easter eggs is a given, just simply fill with your little one's favorite candy.  
  • Marshmallow Peeps - Baby chicks for the mama hen!  (I included these Marshmallow Peeps in this post as an example, but I actually won't be giving them to our daughter - I don't feel as though she's old enough to eat them just yet.)  
  • The Little Red Hen - A classic folktale!  
A fun toddler Easter basket theme - chickens!

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Happy Easter!  

Always use your best judgement to decide what kinds of toys, food, and candy are appropriate for your child.  

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