Bangers + Mash for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patricks's Day is coming up and you need a to have a good Irish meal to celebrate - everybody is Irish on St. Patrick's Day afterall!  "Bangers and Mash" (sausage and mashed potatoes) is one of my favorite Irish-inspired meals to make because it's easy and quicker than making corned beef and cabbage.  And really - you just can't go wrong with sausage and potatoes!  

Perfect St. Patrick's Day Irish meal - Bangers and Mash

Bangers + Mash

Total time 50 mins  |  Serves the whole clan!  


  • sausages, at least 2 per person  (I believe it's traditionally supposed to be a sage-y sausage, but our local grocery store doesn't carry those - so I went with Sweet Italian)
  • potatoes for mashing, my rule of thumb is at least 1.5 potatoes per person when figuring out how many to buy 
  • sweet onion
  • butter
  • milk
  • head of cabbage
  • sage
  • salt + pepper to taste


  1. Wash, peel, and chop potatoes.  Set them aside in a pot of salted water to boil.  
  2. Pan fry sausages and onion until cooked through.  Season with salt, pepper, and sage to taste towards the end of it's cooking.  
  3. Chop some fresh cabbage and gently boil until wilted (just a few minutes).  
  4. Once the potatoes are soft, drain them and mash with butter and milk until it's to your liking (feel free to also season with salt and pepper to taste).  
  5. Serve!  We like the sausages and onions on top of our mashed potatoes and the cabbage on the side.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Sláinte!

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