DIY Button Easter Basket

I've never really liked the cheesy Easter baskets they push at the big box stores.  You know, the cheaply-made dyed ones.. the ones you always seem to need to re-buy every year because they're so easily damaged?  Not to mention, they're pretty boring.  This year I decided to make a special one for our daughter.  I LOVE buttons and thought that would make a very adorable theme for decorating an Easter basket.  | This post contains affiliate links |

DIY Button Easter Basket - perfect Easter basket for a little girl



I started with a sturdy willow basket (we purchased ours off Amazon, but you could get one just about anywhere), and used a needle strung with heavy button thread to "sew" the buttons to the basket.  Really I'm just tying them on, but the needle makes it a lot easier to thread the string around a few times.  

"Sewing" the buttons to the basket.

"Sewing" the buttons to the basket.

Once I felt as though the button was good and secure (we don't want them coming off, remember they can be a choking hazard), I tied off the thread with a couple knots and cut off the excess string.  

Sewing one of the last buttons on. 

Sewing one of the last buttons on. 

This project took less than half an hour and now we have a cute, special Easter basket to use for years to come!  

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