Instagram Feed Changes and How to Preserve Your Following

Instagram just announced that they'll be showing most popular posts first in their feed (read more about it here) - which means everyone will be more likely to miss posts from little guys, like us.  I understand that for the user this may be nice so they don't miss popular posts, but for small businesses this really hurts.  Instagram is how I get most of my traffic and to know that I'll be lost under Kim Kardashian and big retailer posts really stinks.  

How to Preserve Your Following with Instagram's New Feed Changes and Algorithm

How to Preserve Your Following with Instagram's New Feed Changes

For us small businesses that rely on Instagram exposure, this hurts.  But one way to help preserve your following is to ask your followers to "Turn on Post Notifications".  This way they will get a little notification whenever you create a new post and they won't miss seeing your content with this new algorithm.  You can also encourage them to follow you on other social platforms as well (Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Twitter, etc) so you have more chances to reach your audience. 

I'm sure paying for promoted posts will be the next change coming to Instagram, just like Facebook and Pinterest have done.  I understand it's lucrative for them to make these changes, but as a small business owner it really stinks because I can't afford to pay for consistent advertising.  

I'm hoping that Instagram will eventually give you the option to at least change the filter of your feed like Facebook does (you can toggle between "Top Stories" and "Most Recent" - but it always defaults to "Top Stories"), but who knows.  Like all other small businesses, I'm really hoping that we don't get completely lost in this change.  

Please don't forget to Turn on Post Notifications for me at @birchlandinghome and follow me on the other social platforms linked below.  Thank you so much!

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