Local Product Love: Maine Leather Co.

Today I wanted to share about this awesome little leather goods company called Maine Leather Co., based out of Portland, Maine.  It's run by Belle Hilmer, who makes every product with lots of love.  Each item is made of great quality, rich leather and is cut, sewn, and riveted together by hand.  

Maine Leather Co. - great leather goods made in Maine

Maine Leather Co. offers a lot of different items - from wallets, to catch-alls, to bags (their Signature Tote is gorgeous!), and even beer coozies - all will an underlying love for Maine.  

Maine Leather Co.'s catch-all tray

I got one of their catch-alls a little while ago and have been hiding it away it for my husband's birthday, but now that his birthday has gone by I can finally share it with you.  In the past, my husband usually leaves his keys, sunglasses, and wallet in his hat by the door but I really wanted to get him something nicer to corral these things.  His family has a deep history in Maine, his Grandfather was a logger way up in "the county," so having the state of Maine sewn into the tray definitely has personal meaning to him.  

Leather catch-all is perfect for holding your keys, change, and sunglasses

Maine Leather Co.'s products show a great love for their home state - whether it's boldly emblazoned front and center or a subtle rivet with a tiny Maine outline, their state pride is strong.  

Maine Leather Co.'s leather catch-all tray

The details and craftsmanship are wonderful.  The outline of Maine is sewn into the leather in such a way that there are no knots, even the back looks beautiful!  

Beautiful Maine silhouette is hand-stitched into the catch-all

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- I received a shop credit towards this product as part of a promotion, but all opinions expressed are my own. -

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