Skiff Repurose into Sandbox (Hopefully)

This weekend we passed this old skiff on the side of a dirt road with a sign that said "FREE." I immediately thought it could make an amazingly cool sandbox for our daughter! 

Hoping to repurpose this skiff into a sandbox

We got it home and under closer inspection it is in pretty rough shape. The hull is cracked (not a big deal because we'll be drilling holes in the bottom for drainage), the wood trim around the rim is super-rotten, and there's some exposed rusty screws where one of the oarlocks has broken off. We're hoping we can fix the trim, get the rusty screws out, and get it clean, safe, and repainted - complete with a name.  Then we'll fill it with sand and make a cover to keep the neighborhood cat from conducting his "business" in it. 

So there's still a lot of work ahead!  I'm hoping we can make it work, it would definitely make the coolest sandbox around. 

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