"Hey, What happened to the 'Handmade Goods' tag line in your logo?"

"Hey, what happened to the "Handmade Goods" in your logo?" you may ask. Well, since the blog and my social accounts talk about more than just my crafts, I was worried the logo was a bit confusing especially to new followers. In addition to my crafts I often share about product reviews, DIY, mom topics, and New England lifestyle and wanted the logo to be more encompassing of those things too.

Don't worry folks, my Etsy shop will still use the original logo and is still going strong - lately I've been working on expanding what we will carry (but more on that later).

Just wanted to let you know that nothing about Birch Landing Home is changing - other than a small tweak to the logo on the blog/social accounts :) Thanks so much for following along! 


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