Easy No-Hardware Valance for Blinds

Wooden blinds are a great window treatment option, but finishing them off can be tricky, especially if you don't want to hang curtains too.  Today I'm sharing my easy, no hardware-needed solution for dressing up the blinds.  


All you need is a thin piece of wood or trim (about 1/4" thick) painted to match your blinds and adhesive velcro - that's it!  I cut down our trim board myself, but if you don't have a saw you could ask your hardware store to cut it to the width of your blinds when you purchase it.  

For velcro I used Scotch Indoor Velcro Squares.  They have a 3 lb weight limit which is more than enough needed for our project, but I made sure to use three velcro tabs per window for a secure hold.


To hang, I just put the adhesive velcro tabs along the top assembly of the blinds and pressed the trim board on top securely.  That's it!  


This makes for a quick and professional finish to the blinds but still allows you to easily take it down to access the mounts for the blinds for window maintenance and cleaning.  

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