Around New England: Portsmouth Tall Ships

We've been wanting to check out the Tall Ships in Portsmouth for years, and this year we finally did it!  

Seeing the Tall Ships in Portsmouth, NH

Overall, it was very cool and definitely worth seeing at least once.  The ship was well-done with a lot of detail and interesting features - and of course it was a lot of fun pretending to be a pirate for about 45 minutes.  But for as much as we've been hyping it up to ourselves, we were honestly a little bit disappointed.  There was only one tall ship there that day (we were expecting many) and it was a reproduction (I guess we were expecting an original or at least a very old ship).  It was also very crowded and hot - fair warning.    

Seeing the Tall Ships in Portsmouth, NH is a must!

Despite all that, it was definitely worth doing and any excuse to get into Portsmouth is always a good one.  We rounded out the day with a walk through Prescott Park, subs from Moe's deli, and popovers from Popovers on the Square - doesn't get much better than that!  

Rigging lines and sails of a Tall Ship in Portsmouth, NH

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