What's in My Bag? Toddler Mama Edition

So not glamorous, but here's what's in my bag.  

What's in my bag for toddler mamas:  Highlights Hello book, snacks, chapstick, Pampers diapers and wipes

With a young toddler, there's less "stuff" you always need to carry so I try to keep it to the very basics for walking around (don't worry, there's a bigger back-up diaper bag in the car).  Snacks are a must - you don't want a hangry toddler or mama!  And I can't say enough good things about these "Highlights Hello" magazines - they're lightweight and indestructible.  We keep several in the car, diaper bag, and stroller - much easier to pack than boardbooks.  

Not pictured?  A little bottle of hand sanitizer (I forgot it in the car), a must for a curious toddler who tries to pick someone else's gum off the sidewalk.  Ew.  

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