Nûby Review: Octopus Floating Bath Toy

This is my first Nûby review and I am so excited to be a part of their Parent Blogger Network!  Maddie has been a huge fan of their sippy cups from the beginning, and for the longest time their Flip 'N Sip Straw Cup was the only kind she'd use.  They've sent me a few products to try and share with you, the first of which is their Octopus Floating Bath Toy.   

Nuby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy Honest Review

This little floating octopus comes with 3 fun-shaped rings to "toss" on his arms in the bath, and while the rings are too small to actually toss them on successfully it is a great toy to work on hand-eye coordination with.  Our little one loved taking the rings on and off repeatedly.  

Nuby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy

The bright, fun colors and shapes of the octopus were also a big hit; Maddie was particularly drawn to his big googly-looking eyes.  In fact, when she was playing with it she pointed to his eye, looked at me, and said "eyeee" - the first time she's ever done that!  

Nuby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy

One thing I loved about the design of this toy was that it didn't have a hole in the bottom, as most bath toys do.  Bath toys with a hole tend to hold moisture inside and grow mold so it's great that this one was fully enclosed.  

Nuby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy

The one thing that really disappointed me about this toy though was that it's made out of PVC, a material that we consciously try to limit in our house - in fact we go as far as to only buy PVC-free shower curtains.  I didn't realize that it was made out of PVC until after her bath.  It's really unfortunate because Maddie loved the Octopus but the material is something we choose not to use.  

Nuby Parent Blogger

- I received this item for review from Nûby but all opinions expressed are my own -   

Nûby's Octopus Floating Bath Toy can be purchased at various retailers including Amazon and Kohl's.  

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