The Easiest Way to Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

The other day I heard someone say you can clean your plastic shower curtain liner by putting it in the washing machine and I thought she was crazy.  But now that I've tried it maybe I was crazy for not knowing this sooner!  

The Easiest Way to Clean your Shower Curtain Liner

In the past I've fought the uphill battle of scrubbing and wiping down the curtain periodically and then replacing it when I let it get ahead of me.  Buying a new liner always hurts because we only buy the eco-friendly, PVC-free ones and they're a little more expensive.  So after I heard it can be cleaned in the washing machine I decided to try this for myself and never again have to buy a new shower curtain liner.    

Harley trying to help clean the shower curtain.. I think.

I had planned to take before and after photos of our frosted shower curtain but it just didn't photograph well and maybe that's for the best, I don't think you all wanted to see our soap-scum anyways.  It also didn't help that our pup Harley kept trying to "help."

To clean your shower curtain liner all you need is white vinegar, laundry detergent, and a washing machine

How to:  

Now to clean the liner, it's pretty darn simple - just stick it in the washing machine with one or two bath towels, 1 cup of white vinegar and your regular detergent (we use Seventh Generation Free & Clear), then wash on the delicate cycle.  When it's done hang the curtain back up to dry -- DO NOT put in the dryer.  The curtain will be a bit wrinkly at first but as clean as the day you bought it!  

Clean shower curtain liner

Ah, nice and clean - I wish I had known this sooner!  


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