Nûby Review: New Bath Items from Nûby!

Nûby recently asked us if we wanted to review some items from their new bath line, and what else to say but "YES!!"  So Nûby sent us a set of their Stacking Bath Boats and a set of Bath Crayons to try out and let you know what we honestly thought.  | This post contains affiliate links |

Nuby stacking bath boats - a great way to learn colors!
Bath time crayons from Nuby, so fun!

What first struck us about these two products was how colorful they were.  The bright primary colors are a nice feature, and very helpful because our little one is still learning her colors and they are great to practice with. 

Playing with the Nuby bath boats
Playing with the Nuby bath boats

The Stacking Bath Boats come as a set of five and are BPA-free.  They nestle inside each other, but only in a certain order, kind of like a puzzle.  This puzzle aspect is a great problem-solving feature for older kids but our almost two-year old can get frustrated with it because she can't easily stack them any way she wants to. 

Each smokestack on the boats have different shapes cut into them, so your child can see how the water runs through them when tipped upside down.  Our daughter particularly loves doing this and watching the water cascade out.  

Nuby bath crayons - lots of fun!
Nuby bath crayons in action

As fun as the boats are, our daughter REALLY loved the Bath Crayons - I mean when else do you get the go-ahead to color all you want on the walls and floor?  These bath crayons are non-toxic and come in a BPA-free sleeve so they don't get squished once they get wet and soft.  The colors weren't super-vibrant but it did color easily and smoothly on the surface of the tub.  

At first I was admittedly a little nervous that the crayon wouldn't come off our tub or that it would leave faint marks behind, but it wiped off super-easy!  It really wasn't any extra work to take a wet washcloth and wipe the surfaces after, it only took about 30 seconds (whew!).    

My one complaint about the bath crayons is that they didn't come with a holder for them to sit in after the bath to dry.  I suggest having a small disposable plastic plate handy to set them on afterwards.  

Overall we really enjoyed these new bath toys from Nûby and I hope you do too!  

Nuby Parent Blogger

- I received these items for review from Nûby but all opinions expressed are my own.  Please see our Disclosure Policy for more information. -   

Nûby's Stacking Bath Boats can be found at various retailers including Amazon and the Bath Crayons can also be found at various retailers including Amazon.  

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