Around New England: Remick Museum

It's always fun to explore your own state and see what hidden gems there are.  This past weekend was gorgeous and we decided to head out to the Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm in Tamworth, NH to get a taste of rural living over the last 200 years.  

Exploring Remick Country Doctor and Farm Museum - Tamworth, NH

The Remick Museum chronicles the life of two rural country doctors, their families, and the way of life as it used to be. It's a working farm with livestock and gardens coexisting alongside historical artifacts and buildings. Our daughter was a HUGE fan of the petting area where there are friendly goats, sheep, and a miniature horse to interact with and feed.

Remick Museum - petting zoo
Hello there!

Hello there!

Remick Museum has gorgeous views

There are many outbuildings and dirt paths to explore - and the views are gorgeous!  

Historical buildings at the Remick Farm Museum
Historical poster at Remick Farm Museum

My favorite part of the property are all the amazing artifacts and antiques - it's incredible how far medicine and home life in general has evolved over the past 200+ years.  The Remick Museum does a great job showcasing the old and new(er) way of life.  

Remick Farm Museum - historical doctor items
Old Kitchen

Old Kitchen

Newer kitchen of a later generation

Newer kitchen of a later generation

No rest for the weary, wether you're a farmer or a doctor - and especially not if you're both!  

A Farmer's Year Calendar at Remick Farm
A typical day for a country doctor at Remick Farm

Overall we had a great day at Remick Museum and will be back for sure!  They host lots of fun events throughout the year, including kids day camps, programs on different farming subjects, ice harvesting in the winter, and more.  

Just a short walk from the museum is the Tamworth Lyceum and The Other Store (yes, that's really what it's called), which are perfect stops for lunch or coffee before heading home. And if you visit in the summer months, you can catch a play at the The Barnstormers Theatre in the evening (check their schedule for details and showtimes).

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