DIY Valentine Postcards - Perfect Project for Toddlers and Kids!

Last year I started the tradition of having our little one make Valentines for close family and friends.  This year I wanted to continue the tradition but find a way to make them as inexpensive as possible, and so I settled on the idea of DIY Valentine Postcards.  
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Valentine DIY postcard


  • non-glossy poster board
  • finger paint
  • toilet paper tubes
  • tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • sharpie marker
  • paper cutter (optional)
  • postage stamps for postcards


One of the reasons I decided to make postcards this year instead of traditional cards was, not only are postcards cuter, they cost almost 30% less to mail than a traditional card - these postage savings add up!  As a result, this project cost next to nothing to do.  I already had the paint, toilet paper rolls, rulers, etc. - I just had to run down to the local store and pick up a piece of poster board which cost a whopping 99 cents.  

The simple supplies

The simple supplies

The how-to is pretty straight forward: use a ruler to measure and cut out your postcards (I made mine 4x5.5", but you can check here for more details on postcard requirements).  If you have a paper cutter that can come in quite handy to make quick work of cutting them out.  


Next use a ruler and a sharpie to create the back of the postcard, one line down the middle and then three lines on the right hand side for the address.  

DIY Postcards and supplies

Next let your toddler go to town!  I put down one card at a time to keep the backs clean from paint as well as to keep them from getting over-saturated.  To make the heart "stamp" I used toilet paper tubes bent into a heart shape and held together with tape.     

Toddler art; toddler stamping hearts for Valentine's Day

Once the cards were done I let our little one go crazy on the table covering.  

Red Valentine toddler finger painting art

The cards drying - they came out pretty great!!  

DIY toddler Valentine postcards

I kept the backs very basic with a simple handwritten message and a little heart stamp.  

DIY Valentine postcards by toddlers

I hope you enjoyed this little Valentine DIY!  It was very quick and easy and the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you want to paint, color, or draw the front of the postcard.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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