Howdy! A little blog and shop update

It's been awhile since I introduced myself so I thought I'd say Hi to all the new followers!  I'm Sarah - a wife, stay-at-home mom, crafter, and blogger living in rural New England along with our black lab and six chickens.  

I have an Etsy shop known for our hand-etched snowflake ornaments (they had a little feature in Martha Stewart last year), and I love showcasing local products on my blog and Instagram.  My Etsy shop currently is on "semi-vacation" this month while I catch up on some house projects and prepare some totally new items for the shop.  There are a few listings still available right now and custom inquiries are always welcome.  Keep your eye out for some great new products in February and thank you for all the support!   

Sarah of Birch Landing Home and Harley the black lab

Thank you all so much for following along, please stay tuned for lots of great things in store for the Etsy shop and blog this year.

Photo by Adrian Pelletier

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