Local Product Love: Black Dinah Chocolatiers' Dark Spiced Sipping Chocolate

It's cold and yucky out and nothing puts the end of winter blues at bay quite like a nice cup of hot chocolate.  I've recently discovered my new absolute favorite and wanted to share!  It's called Black Dinah Chocolatiers' Dark Spiced Sipping Chocolate and it's made right in Isle Au Haut, Maine.  I don't know if I can explain just how good it is, but I'll try ;) 

It's easy to make, just a tablespoon of the sipping chocolate powder, some sweetener, and some milk heated in a saucepan and you have a delicious, thick, lightly spiced hot chocolate.  My favorite detail of this sipping chocolate is the spices - it doesn't have a hot kick like Mexican hot chocolate, instead it just adds the perfect amount of flavor.  Oh, and it smells ah-mazing.  

Black Dinah Chocolatiers' Dark Spiced Sipping Chocolate
Amazing Maine-made hot chocolate!
Some great items from Daytrip Society - Falcon Enamelware mugs and Black Dinah Sipping Chocolate

I received this product as part of a promotion from Daytrip Society, but all opinions expressed are my own.  

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