Favorite Finds: Creative Market

Whether you're a just a crafter or a serious designer, Creative Market has a huge variety of typefaces, graphics, patterns, and more - think of it as Etsy for digital elements and tools.  

Creative Market is an incredibly useful resource whether your Illustrator skills aren't quite where you want them yet (shamefully raises hand) or if you just don't have the time to make all these elements yourself.  Some files are free, but most are for purchase-only.  Once you've downloaded the files, you can use them in your personal and commercial projects (just make sure you understand the limitations of their Simple License).  

Rustic, hand-drawn elements are huge right now and Creative Market has so many to choose from, like this one:  

There are also TONS of hand-crafted fonts which are also very on-trend, like this one:  

Northern Passage Hand-Crafted Font available from Creative Market

UPDATE 03/23/15:  For a limited time, if you purchase the "Northern Passage" font you'll also get the "Hand-Drawn Rustic Nature Elements"  set (pictured above) as a free bonus - great deal!  

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