Where to Buy Boot Cuffs CHEAP!

As you know, I'm all for shopping small and shopping local.  But sometimes you just gotta be frugal too.  These fashionable boot cuffs are crazy-cheap and a great deal wether you're buying one for yourself, a few stocking stuffers for your family and friends, or if you're looking for a little gift to get everyone in your department at work.  
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Where to buy fashionable boot cuffs cheap!

So where did I find these super-cute boot cuffs?  Believe it or not - Amazon.  
Since we live over an hour from big box stores, Amazon has become our go-to for paper towels, cereal, and all the other pricey grocery basics.  Lately I've also been turning to them for clothing and accessory needs rather then hoping in the car with the little one and making the long trip to the store.  

While browsing Amazon for stocking stuffers several weeks ago I came across these amazingly cute (and cheap!) boot cuffs.  I decided to order some to check them out in person but underestimated how long it would take to ship and they arrived after Christmas.  Since they come directly from the manufacturer/distributor (overseas), it can take up to 1-2 months to arrive - so be sure to plan (way) ahead.  

The first pair I tried were these cute knitted grey cuffs with lace and button detail.  I loved the look and color of these and thought they looked great with my boots.  However, I felt as though they were pretty tight.  I have large calves and these just fit over my leggings - they certainly wouldn't fit over my jeans unfortunately.  

These cuffs come in 6 colors and most are only $2.30/pair!  They are not Prime eligible but shipping is very cheap as well.  

The other pair I tried were these pretty white lace cuffs.  These were super-stretchy and would fit most people with no problem.  Adding this touch of lace is a great way to dress up just about any outfit!  

These cuffs come in 12 different colors so you can match every outfit you own and only cost $0.87/pair - yes, really!!  They aren't Prime-eligible either but shipping is very inexpensive. 

While all the cuffs had some loose strings that needed to be trimmed and they didn't come in any kind of packaging to speak of, I was still really satisfied with the look and the quality of the cuffs.  If you were to give them out as gifts, I would just recommend trimming the loose strings first and either wrapping them or rolling them and tying with a ribbon for better presentation.  

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