Holiday Makeup Look, Courtesy of Corey Anne

Does anyone else need makeup help out there or am I the only clueless one?  
These days with a toddler I'm lucky if I get any make-up on my face at all but in the past I've always just stuck to the tried-and-true concealer, powder, a little shadow, mascara = done.  I've always wanted to up my makeup game though; learn about contouring, layering, and creating fun looks for date nights and parties, which is why I was so excited to learn that a college friend had started a YouTube channel dedicated to all of these things!  

Christmas and holiday makeup look by Corey Anne

Corey Anne was my dorm-mate in college and back then I would have never imagined that the soccer-playing tomboy next door would have her own makeup tutorial series someday!  Corey has been interested in makeup for a long time but decided to take the leap into tutorials and vlogging fairly recently.  She's really enjoyed learning and sharing from others on YouTube and thought it was time to put herself out there too. 

Beautiful eye makeup

Corey's videos cover everything from basic how-tos to costume makeup to product and Birch Box reviews.  They're entertaining to watch and the step-by-step makes the looks achievable for everyone.  I've shared her Holiday Makeup Look below; I love how it's glamorous with just a hint of flashy - but not over the top.  It'd totally be suitable to wear to a work party, an outing with friends, or even to a family event if everyone's just a little dressed up.  

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to go practice my eyeliner technique.  

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