Supporting your Local Schools with Box Tops for Education

I'm a big Box Tops for Education clipper.  

Our little one isn't in school yet, but every time we finish up a product with a Box Tops I make sure to clip it out and slip it in a designated envelope we have taped to the inside of one of our kitchen cupboards.  

Ka-ching!  Free money for our local school.  

Ka-ching!  Free money for our local school.  

When the envelope gets full, I drop them off at the local elementary school for them to add to their collection and send in.  Every box top sent in equals 10 cents for the school.  Once you notice how many products you buy have them, you see how fast the money can add up for the school.  Every little bit helps and it makes me feel good to know I'm contributing to my daughters future school, even in such a small way.  

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