The *one thing* you should always do before you dress your baby.

What's the one thing you should always do before you dress your baby?  It may sound silly, but check their clothing for loose threads.  

Always do THIS Before you Dress your Baby

Infant clothing is notorious for poor workmanship.  Those adorable outfits and layettes are inexpensive to buy and not meant to last.  Long threads could potentially wrap around a baby's toe causing harm, and loose threads could become a choking hazard if baby were to pull them free and try to eat it.  

Loose threads can be dangerous for babies - always check for them before dressing your little one

You will almost always find loose threads on your little one's new outfits and after the first time they've been washed.  After that, it's a good idea to give their clothes a quick once-over before you dress them to make sure there's no new loose threads or weak seams.  

Loose threads on baby's clothes can be dangerous.

I always keep a pair of baby nail clippers handy by the changing table, that way I can easily clip any loose threads I happen to see.  

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