Confession: I was *that* person at the grocery store

Yesterday, I'm ashamed to confess, I was *that* person at the grocery store.  We had a busy morning, and I didn't get to the grocery store until it was almost dinner time.. blame hunger, blame fatigue, blame whatever - I became my two biggest grocery store pet peeves (*hangs head in shame*).  

Pet Peeve #1:  "Eh, I'll just leave that here."

A little backstory - my first job ever was working at a small natural food grocery store.  It always drove me nuts when people changed their minds about an item and left it randomly on another shelf.  C'mon people - a grocery store isn't 3 miles long, it's not that hard to put it back where you found it if you changed your mind.  The absolute worst is when people would leave perishables randomly in aisles - you really thought the cereal aisle was the best place to leave your gallon of ice cream?  Yuck!
Well, I was almost done with my shopping and both me and the little one were tired and hungry and done.. I happened to look down in my cart and had some second thoughts about some crockpot mixes I had put in but I didn't want to walk all the way back to other side of the store.. so "Eh, I'll just leave these here.." happened.  

Pet Peeve #2:  "What part of 14 Items or Less don't you understand?"

Then it was time to check out.  It was after work so the lines were long, I scanned down the row of registers and saw one that was just as long but the last person had hardly anything in their cart so I jumped in that line.  I stood there daydreaming, reading headlines on the gossip magazines in the racks, totally oblivious.  I was more than halfway done unloading our very full cart (with a little one strapped to my chest in the Ergo, no less) when I looked up and saw "14 Items or Less" lit up on the register sign.  Oh no... 
I asked the cashier sheepishly if that had really said "14 Items or Less" the whole time.. he was polite but I'm pretty sure he thought I was trying to pull some kind of Mom Card and break the rules.  I honestly felt awful.. so embarrassed and everyone was giving me dirty looks - especially those that really did have just a few items who got in line behind me.  

I always said I'd never be *that* person at the grocery store, but I guess some days you are whether you meant to be or not..

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