Turn a Starbucks Bottle into a Milk Bottle Vase

Ever notice that the silhouette of those Starbucks bottles are very much like an old-fashioned milk bottle?  I'm sure the real reason is smart marketing, but an ever better reason is for you to turn that bottle into a milk bottle vase!  

How to turn a Starbucks bottle into a milk bottle vase tutorial


  • Starbucks glass bottle, with lid (which means you have to drink one of those delicious coffee drinks.. darn)
  • white or cream acrylic paint
  • cardboard

How to:  

First drink a Starbucks (most difficult part of the job right here).  Then remove the labels and wash the bottle thoroughly, inside and out.  You should be able to get the glue residue and expiration mark off the bottle with a scrubby sponge and dish soap.  Rinse the cap and save.  

Glass Starbucks bottle and acrylic paint

After the bottle has completely dried, squirt a decent amount of acrylic paint into it and replace the cap.  Swirl and shake the bottle until the paint has completely coated the inside of the bottle, adding more paint if necessary.  

Coating the inside of the Starbucks bottle with paint

Remove the cap and pour the excess paint back into your paint bottle.  

Next set bottle upside down on the cardboard for about 30 seconds then pick straight up, set back down in a different spot, and repeat several more times until you seem to have most of the excess paint out and a nice even coat on the inside of the bottle.  

Removing excess paint from the Starbucks bottle

Put bottle back upright to dry so the paint doesn't drip and pull away from the bottom and also so that air can get inside.  At this point I brought it inside the garage to dry - didn't want any curious grasshoppers falling in!  

Let dry about 48 hours.. it can take a surprisingly long time to dry due to the small opening of the bottle.  


Once completely dry, place on a sunny windowsill and admire.  (Note:  this vase is for decor purposes only.  If you put water in it for cut flowers the acrylic paint may start to lift off the glass after a while.. just something to keep in mind.  You may want to consider using fake flowers.)  

Starbucks country milk bottle vase on a sunny windowsill

You could even dress these up a bit with some gingham or burlap ribbon.  They are so easy to make and could be used for all sorts of things such as small centerpieces or accents for a bridal or baby shower.  

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