Finding my niche...

Birch Landing Home Handmade Goods for You and Your Home

My Etsy shop and this blog are still very much a work in progress - I have all kinds of ideas on products I want to make, things I want to write about.  I often wonder if this blog is trying to be too many things at once... 

Just about all of the most popular blogs out there (including some of my personal favorites) share so much about the author's daily life, their families, their homes, the whole nine yards.  Their reader gets to know them personally, gets invested in what's going on, and it keeps them engaged.  But that's just not me - I don't feel comfortable posting detailed photos of our home and life publicly.  I try to walk that line, but I know staying on my side of this fence will alienate much of my audience. 

I know if I want a shot at a successful following on the blog and Etsy storefront I need to find my niche and stick with it, but I'm not there yet.  I'm still testing the waters on what kinds of things I truly enjoy making and writing about, and until I find my focus you all get to enjoy a little bit of everything ;)  

Thanks again for reading and please feel free to leave some feedback - I'd love to hear your thoughts!  

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