Official Name Change - Birch Landing Home

As many of you probably know, the original name of this little venture was "Birch Landing."  Unfortunately when I looked to purchase a domain name I realized it had already been taken by an apartment building.  I knew I wanted the website to be about home projects and crafts and expand my Etsy shop to also include things for the home which is why I decided to name the blog "Birch Landing Home."  

After a lot of debate, I decided to officially change the name of my Etsy shop and Facebook page as well... as much as I love the simplicity of the name "Birch Landing" I thought it would be best for everything to match, therefore the recent updates and name changes.  

In honor of the new name, I'm planning on having a giveaway within the next two weeks!  Stay tuned for more on this later..

Birch Landing Home - Handmade Goods for You and Your Home

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