Thanks for all the love!

Since a little picture of our Hand-Etched Maple Snowflake Ornaments was featured as the Instagram Favorite in this month's Martha Stewart Living, we've definitely been getting a lot of love!  I can't thank you all enough for the attention and orders you've given my little Etsy shop - thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Lots of orders for Birch Landing Home on Etsy

Since then I've been a busy little bee working on all these awesome orders.  We had a little setback at first as the maples I cut took an eternity to dry for some reason - very frustrating when orders are piling up and you feel like you're just sitting there watching paint dry!  Thankfully we seem to be past that and our orders are getting turned around well within their estimated ship time.  


After the Christmas rush is done I have ideas for more wood products for the shop, including iPhone stands, wooden buttons, and wedding decorations - my favorite!  Can't wait to bring in lots more products in the New Year!  

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