Favorite Finds: AmazonSmile

We're big Amazon shoppers here.  The UPS man knows us by name and we get deliveries no less than a few times a week, on-average.  Living over an hour from big stores like Target and Wal-Mart and working from home, Amazon has become a necessity for us.  

Donate to the charity of your choice every time you shop with Amazon Smile

A few months ago I learned about a program from Amazon called AmazonSmile where 0.5% of most of your purchases go to the charity of your choice at no additional cost to you - it's win-win for everyone.  There are almost one million charities to choose from, from well-known charities like the Wounded-Warrior Project to local museums.  You can also change who you're supporting whenever you want if you're having trouble picking just one charity (I try to change mine up every few months).  

To join this program and help support a worthy cause, you must first opt-in - then once you've selected your charity make sure to replace your old Amazon bookmark with the AmazonSmile one so that every future purchase you make supports the charity you chose.   


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